Common Problems and Treatments

Below are Orthodontic before & afters of some of the many patients personally treated by Dr. Yina Li.

If you experience any of the following common problems and need orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Orthodontic Before & Afters

Orthodontic before and afters


Teeth are crooked. It is a common reason for people seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their smiles.

Orthodontic before and afters


There are gaps in between teeth. Orthodontic treatment can greatly improve the esthetics after space closure.

Orthodontic before and afters

Open Bite

Front teeth don’t overlap when biting. This problem not only is of concern for esthetics, it also makes it hard when eating certain foods. This could be due to thumb sucking habit or jaw problem.

Orthodontic Before and After Photo Deep Bite

Deep Bite

Front teeth overlap too much when biting. You hardly see the bottom front teeth. Sometimes the deep bite could be so severe that that the bottom teeth bite into the palate causing trauma.

Overbite Before and After


The top front teeth stick out too far relative to the bottom teeth. This can increase the risk to injure the top front teeth and also make it hard to close the lips. There are several ways to correct it.

Underbite Before and After


The top front teeth are behind bottom teeth. If left untreated, this can cause unwanted wear of top front teeth, and gum recession problem in the bottom front due to traumatic bite.

Orthodontic Before and After Photo Cross bite


The top jaw is too narrow compared to the lower jaw. Kids may shift their jaw to get a more comfortable bite, which may lead to asymmetric jaw growth and/or TM joint problem. Treatment in children is very effective and usually involves an expander.

Orthodontic Before & Afters

Missing/Small Laterals

Upper lateral incisors could be undersized or completely missing. This is usually due to genetics and tends to run in families. There are several ways to treat such problems orthodontically. Here is an example to use upper canines to substitute the missing adult laterals.

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