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For those seeking orthodontic treatment in Ypsilanti, MI, finding a reliable orthodontist conveniently nearby is crucial. Fortunately, Embrace Orthodontics in Ann Arbor is less then 16-minutes away and the quality of service is incomparable!

Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Ypsilanti is a small yet lively city that's full of character. From its vibrant community to its historic landmarks, there's always something exciting happening. So whether you're new to town or a lifelong resident, one thing's for sure: the people of Ypsilanti aren't afraid to go the extra mile to take care of their smiles!

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At Embrace Orthodontics, we understand the importance of having a healthy and beautiful smile. That’s why our orthodontist, Dr. Yina Li, goes above and beyond to tailor treatment plans specifically for each patient from Ypsilanti, MI.

Orthodontic treatments can help correct common issues like crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, gaps between teeth, and other misalignments of the jaw. When you choose to deal with orthodontic issues early, you can significantly reduce your risk for complications later on in life. Not to mention, the confidence boost that comes with a beautiful smile is priceless!

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Don't let crooked teeth hold you back. Schedule a consultation with us at our Ann Arbor location - just a short drive away from Ypsilanti! Dr. Li will be more than happy to offer a range of innovative ways to deal with any orthodontic issues that you may have.

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